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Contracts & Licensing

Commercial Contracts: Strategies for Drafting and Negotiation, by Morton Moskin

The essential guide to all contract law, a publication that combines in-depth discussion of the substantive law applicable to wide ranges of commercial transactions and deals in detail with the drafting implications thereof, as well as includes numerous illustrative forms. In addition, this publication is designed to provide practical and sophisticated negotiating and drafting advice.

Drafting Effective Contracts: A Practitioner's Guide, by Robert A. Feldman and Raymond T. Nimmer

Provides a complete handbook for drafting legal agreements that work. You get a practical and comprehensive approach to the overall contract process—from conducting the initial meeting to closing the deal. You are led step-by-step through the creation process, given clear sample contract provisions, and offered direction around the obstacles that may be encountered in drafting agreements for goods and services, promissory notes, guaranties, and secured transactions.

Drafting Internet Agreements, by Gregory J. Battersby and Charles W. Grimes

The first, comprehensive single volume collection of annotated forms for the Internet. A "Practice Tips" section before each sample agreement identifies the "hot spots" that are likely to arise during the transaction, and offers guidance on resolving these hotly negotiated provisions quickly. Detailed checklists assist in drafting the final agreement.

License Agreements: Forms and Checklists, by Gregory J. Battersby and Charles W. Grimes

All the critical tools needed to draft, negotiate, and finalize licensing deals more quickly and effectively are at your fingertips. Includes sixty sample agreements that can be easily modified to meet your needs, an introduction to each agreement that explains its purpose and applicability, authoritative discussions of “hot issues” that will likely come up for negotiation and how to handle them, and an analysis of the legal principles you must consider, from both the licensor and the licensee perspective.

Corporate & Business Organizations

Contemporary Corporation Forms, by J. Robert Brown, Jr.

Gives you virtually every form you need to meet today's corporate legal and procedural requirements – from the simplest, to the most sophisticated corporate action – for all types of corporate entities. From closely-held companies to public corporations, its approximately 500 forms provide practical, easy-to-use tools that have been proven in the field.

The Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations, by R. Franklin Balotti and Jesse A. Finkelstein

This time-honored resource takes you step by step through all aspects of establishing and operating organizations incorporated in Delaware. Includes full discussions of legal precedents, practical strategies to resolve legal issues and accomplish corporation transactions, and more than 100 model forms related to the establishment or operation of a Delaware business entity.

Macey on Corporation Laws, by Jonathan R. Macey

Three major resources for analyzing and comprehending modern corporation law are brought together: the American Bar Association's Model Business Corporation Act, the American Law Institute's Principles of Corporate Governance, and Delaware's highly sophisticated and respected General Corporation Law. Clear, expertly analyzed, authoritative, and uniquely insightful, this resource covers every vital area of corporate law.

Corporate Compliance

Audit Committees: Regulation and Practice, by Gerald S. Backman and Anne Marie Salan

Includes all the materials one might need to consult in order to create, maintain, advise and/or serve on a well-functioning audit committee. It also contains an illustrative selection of best practices for audit committee chairs and members.

Corporate Legal Compliance Handbook, by Theodore L. Banks and Frederick Z. Banks

Covers compliance laws and regulations, and shows you how to design, implement, manage and monitor an efficient, effective legal compliance program. It will help you identify risks, assign those risks to job descriptions, create appropriate corporate policies, establish control programs, communicate effectively and prove the effectiveness of the program.

Corporate Secretary's Answer Book, by Cynthia M. Krus

With all of this valuable "know-how" located within one volume, corporate secretaries will be able to find the best way to proceed with any particular matter, quickly and confidently. It also includes sample forms and checklists that offer step-by-step guidance to completing each phase of the corporate secretary's duties throughout the year.

Reporting Duties of Corporate Attorneys: SEC Rules and Explanation, by James Hamilton and Ted Trautmann

Walks you through each reporting requirement, including investigating, evaluating, documenting and reporting evidence of a material violation. The book also explains the qualified legal compliance committee (QLCC), an optional form of board committee that companies may establish to receive and address reports of wrongdoing.

General Resources

Advertising Law Guide, by Lewis Rose and D. Reed Freeman, Jr.

Advertising is a deadline-oriented business. When you are responsible for providing legal clearance to advertising and marketing initiatives, you don't have time to search through a variety of sources that may or may not be current. The Advertising Law Guide gives you a single, up-to-date source that covers all the important issues. It includes full-text reporting of state and federal laws, federal regulations, industry self-regulatory guidelines, and new developments.

Corporate Counsellor's Deskbook, by Michael A. Epstein and Dennis J. Block

The authors provide step-by-step guidance on issues corporate counsel face every day including employment agreements and executive compensation, managing complex litigation and litigation budgeting, implementing internal procedures to protect against insider trading and internal file controls, import regulation and customs compliance, environmental law concerns and much more.

Electronic Discovery: Law and Practice, by Adam I. Cohen and David J. Lender

Provides the "why" and the "how-to" of this dynamic topic in a single integrated source. Options and solutions are provided on a broad range of issues including how electronic discovery is treated differently by courts, parties and lawyers duties for the retention of electronic records, the impact of electronic document retention policies on litigation, shifting the costs of electronic discovery to your adversary, admitting and precluding electronic evidence, how electronic communication affects the attorney-client privilege and much more.

Law of the Internet, by George B. Delta and Jeffrey H. Matsuura

Quickly and easily gives you everything you need to counsel expertly on applying privacy laws to electronic communications issues, ensuring secure electronic transactions, cryptography, and digital signatures, protecting intellectual property online through link licenses, frame control and other methods, electronic commerce and contracting, antitrust and many other issues. Special features include timesaving checklists and references to online resources.

Privacy Law in Marketing, by D. Reed Freeman and J. Trevor Hughes

Addresses privacy issues for consumer-facing companies that are not regulated under a sector-specific regime (e.g., Finance, HIPAA, etc.). It covers the most popular consumer privacy topics in detail including children's privacy laws, California's Shine the Light law, e-commerce issues, phishing and identity theft. Includes expert authored explanations and full text of all relevant federal, state (all 46 states with privacy laws) and all major international laws (31 plus the EU) in one place. Relevant federal, state, and International regulations also are included.

Scott on Information Technology Law, by Michael D. Scott

For answers to questions relating to computers, the Internet and other digital technologies, and how to make them work for your clients, turn to this comprehensive, practical resource. General counsel will find practical, expert guidance on identifying and protecting intellectual property rights, drafting effective contracts, understanding applicable regulations, and avoiding civil and criminal liability.

Scott on Outsourcing Law and Practice, by Michael D. Scott

Whether you're just beginning to investigate the feasibility of outsourcing arrangements or an old hand at negotiating and structuring these complex deals, there's a growing body of legal knowledge and “best practices” you need to consider before making critical outsourcing decisions. You'll find everything you need in this one-stop legal guide to the outsourcing process.

Intellectual Property

Goldstein on Copyright, by Paul Goldstein

Consulted by more courts on the fundamental issue of copyrightability, Goldstein on Copyright has become the definitive practice tool. From determining whether protection is possible to deciding whether there has been an infringement to analyzing all possible defenses and remedies, you'll have the clear, definitive guidance you need to preserve your clients' intellectual property rights in the new technological age. Emerging issues in information and entertainment technologies are emphasized to keep you on the cutting edge of copyright law.

Labor & Employment

Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook, by Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Esq.

Provides comprehensive coverage of the ADA's employment, commercial facilities, and public accommodations provisions as well as coverage of the transportation, communication, and federal, local, and state government requirements. There's a complete analysis of the rapidly expanding case law—organized by frequently litigated topics, like wheelchair access and AIDS discrimination. Additionally, in-depth analysis is provided for the numerous federal and state cases and significant regulatory activity by the EEOC cropping up each year.

Covenants Not to Compete, by Mark R. Filipp

In today's corporate world, a company's team can change players in a moment's notice. Consequently, protecting your organization's assets—be they intellectual property or client relationships— has never been more critical. Covenants Not to Compete fully explores legal principles for forming, drafting and implementing sound non-competition agreements. It clearly lays out what interests can be protected and covers the legal limits of enforceability. It also delivers up-to-date information on topics such as general employment principles, drafting considerations and federal regulations. Ready-to-use documents plus individual clauses that can be easily customized for specific needs also are included.

Employee Dismissal: Law and Practice, by Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Esq.

Whether your case involves a public or private sector job, a downsizing, or termination for cause, Employee Dismissal Law and Practice provides the guidance you need in this rapidly evolving area of employment law. Providing in-depth analysis of the common law and statutory wrongful dismissal doctrines, as well as practical guidance on all aspects of employee dismissal law.

Employment Law Answer Book, by Mark R. Filipp, James O. Castagnera, and Thomas L. Boyer

The authoritative, quickaccess desk-reference that equips you with clear, concise answers to over 1,000 key questions in employment law, covering all current regulations, recent court decisions, and new developments involving ADA, OSHA, Arbitration, FMLA, the Civil Rights Act, FLSA and COBRA. Packed with concrete examples, practical pointers, and proven employer strategies to minimize legal risk.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law & Practice, by Alba Conte

The law of sexual harassment is constantly evolving and the number of sexual harassment claims is dramatically on the rise. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is a comprehensive guide that provides all the information you need to successfully handle a sexual harassment claim. Guides you through the relevant administrative and legal proceedings and discusses state and federal remedies.

State by State Guide to Human Resources Law, by John F. Buckley and Ronald M. Green

The most comprehensive, authoritative guide to the employment laws of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is designed to provide quick access to each state's laws on the expanding number of issues and concerns facing corporate counsel. Useful, timesaving features include concise overviews of each topical area, dozens of at-a-glance tables summarizing the law in each state and how it applies to specific situations, and citations to authority with reference to court cases and state statutes giving you immediate access to original sources.

Payroll & Pension

ERISA Law Answer Book, by John F. Buckley

The practical desk reference that provides clear, concise, authoritative answers to more than 1,300 key questions—covering everything from benefit plan design, administration, communication, amendment, coverage, funding, distribution, and defense to fiduciary liabilities and litigation issues.

Executive Compensation Answer Book, by Bruce Overton and Susan E. Stoffer

The Executive Compensation Answer Book has been completely reorganized to bring together the myriad of changes in the world of executive compensation over the last few years. It also continues to provide practical guidance on plan selection, development, documentation, and administration in various business environments, practical ideas on the design of executive incentive plans, guidance on determining stock awards in today's new regulatory environment and establishing appropriate executive employment agreements.

Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms, by Mark A. Senn, Esq.

Provides all the information that you need to prepare, renew, and negotiate sound commercial real estate leases. It contains numerous complete and ready-to use forms, as well as dozens of alternate clauses. New sections on anti-terrorism provisions and their importance to commercial real estate leases post 9-11, relocation, early termination by agreement, and building security also are included.


Fundamentals of Securities Regulation, by The Late Louis Loss, Joel Seligman, and Troy Paredes

Details the rules and regulations affecting the securities market, providing comprehensive coverage and plain-English explanations in a single volume. You'll keep pace with the ever-increasing volume of securities litigation, and receive up-to-date examinations of recent regulatory developments and court cases.

Regulation of Securities: SEC Answer Book, by Steven Mark Levy

A practical guide to understanding and complying with the day-to-day requirements of the federal securities laws that affect all public companies. Using a question-and-answer format similar to that which the SEC has embraced, this guide provides clear, concise and understandable answers to the most frequently asked securities compliance questions, and easy access to the principal statutes, regulations, judicial decisions, and forms.

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